Monthly Archives: April 2016

Light Up the Hills Rally

lightUpTheHillsFellowship Riders, along with Promise Keepers, is helping organize and support the Fellowship of Motorcycle Ministries rally for all Christian motorcycle ministries in Sturgis at the Buffalo Campground, Thursday, July 6 – Sunday, July 9, 2017. The format is intended to allow your group to meet together, participate in devotional and worship sessions, and have time available to ride the area. Although this may seem a long way off, time is moving quickly.

It is the hope of the sponsors that this event become an annual, self-sustaining opportunity for fellowship, spiritual growth, and to consecrate this area, often the scene of darkness and destructive behavior where Satan is welcomed. We want to leave behind a presence of the Most High God that will cause a nausea and stench in the nostrils of Satan and cause an emptiness in the hearts of those who do not know the salvation found only in Jesus Messiah, such that they “have no rest” until He is Lord of their lives. Continue reading