As a pastor, it has been a joy and privilege for me to experience the ministry of Fellowship Riders at Irving Bible Church! The FR leadership not only understands motorcycles, but the community and ministry potential that a biker ministry affords. We have seen enthusiastic riders joining our church and going on with Christ because they first found a place of acceptance and encouragement in our riding group.
I would strongly encourage any pastor who is wondering about the benefits of having a FR affiliate at their church to check out the results of this ministry in other fellowships. It’s undeniable that creating this new doorway into the church not only attracts those outside to come in, but to trust Christ and walk with Him in victory.
And if you happen to be a pastor like me who loves Jesus and motorcycles, you can’t go wrong with Fellowship Riders!
In the Wind, for the Savior, Pastor Andy McQuitty

Ken and I had an absolutely WONDERFUL day! We are very excited about Fellowship Riders and the mission opportunities for us all!! God bless all of you – Jean A.

I’ve been waiting for something like this for a while now. God bless you guys – Ducky J

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the ministry to prisoners on Saturday. We are rejoicing! It was not only the prisoners that were impacted for Christ. We were too! My own heart was renewed by what God did through the platform personalities and by my personal interaction with the inmates. I had the opportunity to pray with one prisoner who was ready to receive Christ. He did give his life to Christ. I believe that it was a real conversion! He seemed genuinely broken. I also had the opportunity to encourage several other inmates who told me that they were already saved. Keep my name and information in your files. I would like to participate again. I will be happy to recruit other Fellowship Riders to join us. I will also recruit non-riding volunteers if you need them. I am praying for your ministry in the Lubbock area prisons. – Pastor Christopher S.

I am leading a team in establishing a Fellowship Riders affiliate in Haughton, LA (Shreveport/Bossier area). We have been talking about it for several months and after purchasing the Starter Kit last month we have decided to move forward with affiliation. We have already been inundated with riders who are excited about a Christian motorcycle in our area. Our fields are truly “ripe for harvest” (John 4:35). ? Mark M.

Just a quick note – The Holy Spirit works in misterious ways sometimes you know… This weekend was a blessing all the way around. Our breakfast ride was great. I called one of my contacts from Cornerstone Assembly in Rowlett and he and some of his group met us in Crandell for a great time in fellowship and some breakfast at the Cotton Gin. The ride was cool and comfortable. Sunday I woke up and made a spur of the moment decision to ride to Graham to visit my folks. Left out here at 6:30a.m., visited with my parents for an hour or two and upon leaving the old neighborhood around 10:30, rode to the local church where there were several bikers parking, and so I joined them. They accepted me with open arms – even the pastor welcomed me from the pulpit. – JW

Jeff, just a note to let you know that thanks to our church participation in Angel Tree last Christmas, an ex offender was employed today. One never knows when something simple like handing out gifts can have a life changing affect. Bless you for all you do with the Fellowship Riders. Peace! – Jack

When we began our motorcycle ministry we literally had no idea how to get started. There are so many things to consider when taking on the mission of starting a new ministry and we are fortunate that our church has embraced this ministry both monetarily and in prayer. Again, I can’t begin to tell you how your counsel helped in launching this endeavor and I want to take this opportunity to say write it down!J We have struggled in several areas of growth and I often wished I had called you on those occasions. Things like liability concerns, ride guides, organizational structure, designing patches, promoting the ministry, organizing rides, even witnessing, are just a few issues that have come up. In a sense it’s like running a business, and if you’ve never had that opportunity it can be overwhelming. Nonetheless it is an extremely effective and worthwhile venture. – Danny K

We wish you boundless success with the expansion of your vision of Fellowship Riders to a national ministry. We are thankful for the many blessings God has provided us. Christian friendships formed through F.R. are one of His greatest blessings. – Robert & Sue B

I rode with the Fellowship Riders – Dallas and really enjoyed the people, the Christian aspect of the group and the level of safety they provide. After just one ride, I went out and bought a bike for myself. Now I’m ready to ride with them full time. – Cynthia S.

I have enjoyed the fellowship with other riders and it has shown me, yet again, that God can be in all aspects of our lives. – Scott M.

The Fellowship Riders is a great way to meet other Christian riders and also provides an avenue to bring unbelievers to. – Todd H.

The riders were the impetus to get me involved in a small group bible study. – Joe H.

Your organization is outstanding! We were very impressed with the chosen scenic route and the style and courtesy of the group. We hope to do this again soon. – Debbie M.

Through the great fellowship, I feel very blessed to get to ride and share with the other riders who are now my friends. – Steven C.

Thanks again for founding this ministry and allowing me to be a part of it, and for always doing a bang up job! I thank God for getting me involved in this ministry. – Robert B.

Carol and I thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship we experienced riding with the Fellowship Riders this past weekend. We met some really nice people at each rest stop and luncheon. We look forward to riding with you all again. – David M.

It has been a real blessing to me to broaden my horizons and be able to meet other Christian men with the same interests and goals. Thanks to the Fellowship Riders for giving me the inspiration of starting our own riders group, we are a result of your ministry and truly a blessing it has been. – Gary P.

I just wanted to say Thank You and it’s great to know the program is going strong so next year I can join you again on some rides. – Kelly M.

I really enjoyed the Christian fellowship and it inspired me to start our own motorcycle ministry at my Church. Thank you. – Randy D.

We had our first ride with your group last Saturday, and we thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it! I couldn’t tell you what part of it we liked the best, whether it was the wild flowers in bloom, lack of any mechanical problems, the perfect weather, the companionship, the local color, or the food. We already have great memories of too many things to mention. – Bill M.

My friends who attended your last Fellowship Ride were very complementary of the Road Captains and went on and on about how impressed they were with the level of organization and safety you guys have. I wanted to pass this on since they have ridden with a few local groups and swore never to do it again. The fact they want to come back is a testament to the leadership of the group. You guys are awesome! – Chuck R.

Just wanted to pass along my thanks to Steve and Gary for attending our inaugural ride this Saturday. I know they both had other places they could have been on Saturday and their presence and interest in our group spoke volumes about the commitment they have and the quality of the organization we have aligned ourselves with. I don’t know where God will lead us from here but we had a great start and we really appreciate Fellowship Riders support and encouragement. – Carl S.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness in sending Skip to ride with us. I love Skip; he is a true soldier for Christ and a joy to visit with. Our group had 3 new faces from Carrollton. They had never ridden with a church group before and expressed their enjoyment several times. Although our group is still rather small at times we are employing a new advertisement series in our morning services to help bring in more riders. The big screens will have a slide show, so to speak, and we are getting a verbal script from our video dept. Hope to hear from you soon. – Jeff W.

I wanted to thank you and Jeff for your support and for Fellowship Riders. I am extremely excited about being a branch on the vine with you. I have filed out the Affiliat Profile Sheet and will turn in the Agreement to the elders on Monday. I have put the “check in the mail” for the Affiliate fee’s. Our first ride is being planned for May 15th. That will give me time to get some help and get a route planned. Thinking Glen Rose for the first ride. Not too long but still nice. Once again ….Thank you. – Pablo

CAN’T TELL YOU HOW THANKFUL WE ARE AND HOW WE ARE PRAISING GOD FOR YOU ALL!!! PLEASE KNOW THAT YOU ARE COVERED BY PRAYER FROM PRAYER WARRIORS FROM ALL OVER THE NATION!!! I serve for the North American Mission Board in women’s evangelism and your steps are led by the Lord because of the power of Prayer and His Spirit! Parkland sent James home yesterday after his surgery…thanks for EVERYTHING for the bottom of my heart!!! Your Sister In The Lord. – Tracy

Dear Charles & Fellowship Riders, words of thanks could never be enough for the awesome, wonderful thing you all did for taking your time to come and see my son Bill who has been ill for some time. I have never seen that much joy in his face in years when you all started pulling up on your motorcycles in the driveway. It was the best birthday he could have had. You all will be in our prayers. May God Bless you all. – Joan N.

God is doing a great thing with this group. I am excited about the people that we will meet, the places we will go and the impact that Christ will have – Paul R.

We look forward to working with you as an affiliate in building and equipping an army of motorcycle evangelists. Like you we believe that the Gospel is best shared one on one, one rider to another simply sharing the story of how Jesus changed their life – Pastor Bill

I could not be more excited about how God is blessing your ministry. We are so delighted to partner with you – Mark Earley, President, Prison Fellowship. We had our first ride on August 20! I was expecting just a few bikes on our first outing, but boy was I surprised. We had 14 bikes with 20 riders show up for a great time of fellowship on our inaugural ride. The Lord really blessed us with such a turnout. Since then, we have had several others contact us about our next ride which is this Saturday. We had a few riders who are unchurched and in need of salvation. Please pray that the Eastwood M.M. will be a used as an effective witness. Mark M.

I cannot thank you enough for putting together the Riders of Faith Conference. I feel truly blessed being able to attend and I hope to be a better leader and Christian for attending. God Bless you and the Fellowship Riders. Dane H.