Let Satan gain nothing…

Let Satan gain nothing…

On May 31, we received the tragic news from Pastor Jared Osongo in Kisii, Kenya, the pastor of our 1st Fellowship Riders Kenyan Ministry to the Boda Boda, that one of his church members at Rigena Christian Fellowship and a Boda Boda, was drowned last night along with 2 of his daughters as they were attempting to cross a bridge on the way home from school. The father is the 2nd man from the left in the group picture wearing the blue jacket. Pastor Jared said he hired this man to take him many places and he was a dear friend as well as a valued member of the Boda Boda ministry in his church.

Due to the poverty of most families, they are unable to have insurance for medical or other catastrophic expenses, such as burial costs. Often survivors of these tragedies must sell livestock or property to pay these expenses, which can further plunge them into debt or erode any surplus resources. For widows and children, burial or medical expenses are an especially cruel burden.

In the past 1-1/2 years of supporting, loving, and sharing with our pastors and their churches, we have, through the donations of caring partners, assisted with medical, housing, burial, clothing, and food costs.

Burial services were held on Saturday, June 8, and it is clear that this loss affected the entire community as seen in the number of people who gathered to show their respect and to mourn the wife and one surviving child.

This is another of those times when your contributions can help lighten the burdens of these struggling families, widows, and children so we prayerfully ask you join with us to lift the hearts of these who suffer. 100% of your donations will go to help these who are mourning this loss and your donations are tax-deductible.

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