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Living Stone Worship Center Relaunch – New Ministry Leadership

Living Stone Worship Center 1After a period without leadership, Bill and Margaret Melendez have answered the Lord’s call to step into that position and renew the ministry at Living Stone Worship Center in Del Rio, TX.   

For any of you wondering where Del Rio is, it is on the Texas/Mexico border surrounded by wide-open spaces along the Rio Grande River. 

If you are looking for a reason to ride, here it is.  Everyone is invited to come join Bill and Livingstone Worship Center 1Margaret, Pastor Martin Seca, the members of Living Stone, and all the riders on Sunday, October 11, 2015 @ 11:00AM as this ministry again moves into the community wherever the Lord leads. 

You will not only enjoy the occasion of this relaunch, but have the opportunity to “get on the outside” of some excellent Mexican cuisine, breathe the air scented with Catclaw and Greasewood, stop in Langtry where Judge Roy Bean presided as “The Law West of the Pecos”, and rest your legs on the highway pegs just “because you can”.


White Horse M/M Roll-Out Weekend

What a special and exciting time it was over the weekend of August 22-23, 2015 as White Horse M/M, our newest affiliate of Greater Johnstown Christian Fellowship, introduced their ministry to the church body during 3 worship services.  The Holy Spirit was present and confirmed His calling on Ed Berringer and his wonderful wife, Sue, as the congregation joined in supporting and the commissioning of this amazing couple.

White Horse M/M Roll-Out WeekendSeven years ago, Ed was involved in a serious motorcycle accident when stopped at a traffic light and hit by a motorist from behind at approximately 40 mph.  Paralyzed, Ed went through all the struggles of a painful recovery, complete life change, stress on marriage and family – a true test of God’s faithfulness and victory over Satan’s attempt to destroy his life.  Aided by a fellow church member who contributed toward the cost of equipping a motorcycle with hand controls, Ed mounts his bike, stows his wheelchair in a sidecar, waits as Sue climbs aboard, and off they go to serve their Lord and King, Jesus Messiah.

whiteHorse02Please join all of us at Fellowship Riders in praying for this new work of the Lord and for these who have answered His call to ministry.  If you are in the neighborhood, that would be anywhere within 1,400 miles or so of Johnstown, stop in and share the fellowship and friendship of White Horse Motorcycle Ministry found at Greater Johnstown Christian Fellowship.  What Satan meant for evil, God meant for good.

White Horse M/M Roll-Out Weekend