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Fellowship Riders Inc

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Christian Motorcycle Ministries - Start A Rumble In Your Church
Our mission is to share the love of Christian fellowship, motorcycles and the local church through safety, excellence and service. We work with and through the local church to provide opportunities for Christian fellowship through frequent, safe, and well-organized group motorcycle rides.
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Fellowship Of Motorcycle Ministries.

Fellowship Riders' New Association With The Fellowship Of Motorcycle Ministries.


Fellowship of Motorcycle Ministries will serve as a means for the leadership of Christian motorcycle clubs, associations and groups to enhance their ability to serve God’s purpose by facilitating communication among  ministry leaders regarding their role and responsibilities in the biker community  while providing an opportunity to support each other and share ideas for effective witness to lost souls with a kindred spirit.

In order to support this ongoing ministry, our goal is to launch an annual Christian motorcycle rally in the Black Hills of South Dakota, at Sturgis, SD that would rival the famed annual Sturgis Rally that is held each year in August. Aptly named the “Light Up The Hills Rally”, our current plan is to hold this event around the first week in June each  year, with the first annual rally to be held in 2016 at the earliest. As we see it, the primary purpose of the rally is to provide an opportunity for Christian fellowship, worship, education, collaboration and entertainment. And of course, motorcycle rides through some of God's most beautiful and majestic creation. But unlike the August event, we'll be there to worship the Creator, not His creation! Our prayer is that it will provide a desirable event that guys (and gals!) across the nation and, if the Lord directs, across the globe will want to attend and participate in, as well as provide a non-threatening  venue that's comfortable to invite and include folks they may be trying to build a relationship with to open the door to a spiritual conversation. A reasonable analogy in the Cowboy Church world would be inviting a guy who would otherwise never darken the doors of a church to the roping arena and in so doing, begin building a successful relationship that leads to acceptance and salvation. 

As we move forward with our planning and implementation of this ministry and annual event, we invite you to join us as a sponsor or give your support through a donation. We have placed our faith in Jesus Christ to lead our effort and we are confident that all who join with us to make this ministry a success will be blessed beyond imagination for your support.

May God’s blessing be upon you,

Donate To The Fellowship Of Motorcycle Ministries

QD Hix
President, Fellowship of Motorcycle Ministries
201 Killdeer Trail
Southlake, Texas 76092


Spring to Life

Our newest Fellowship Riders affiliate, West Park Church of Christ in Virginia Beach, VA, used a popular 5K community event called “Spring to Life” that attracts hundreds of participants and families; many of them unchurched; to promote interest in dozens of outreach ministries  - among them their motorcycle ministry.

Steve Wiley, the leader of their Fellowship Riders ministry, is the organizer for this event and provided the picture of their tent and highlighted his H-D Road King with the Fellowship Riders flag, just in case anyone was wondering what he rides.


Fellowship Riders - A New Distributor of Bugslide



  Bugslide Spray: $19.99 (16oz.) plus shipping -

$7.99 (4oz.) plus shipping - 

Find An Affiliate Church Near You

Click on this link to find an affiliate near you

Batches Of Patches

 Reflective Vest Patches - New for 2013 is a large reflective vest patch (see attached).  There have been several requests over the years to provide an embroidered patch in lieu of the "carpet" patch.  For cost reasons, we were never able to offer an embroidered patch until locating a volume supplier.  These new patches are now in stock at a price of $35 plus shipping. (Click on image for larger size) 

 Cook-Off Special - A Fellowship Riders apron and cookbook package is now available on our eStore for the many world-class chefs among us riders.  As the saying goes "Ride. Eat. Repeat".  Available in 2 styles and 3 colors, here is your opportunity to add Fellowship Riders style to your cuisine. (Click on image for larger size)




 I Am Second Xtreme Tracts - See attached tracts for you to use in your ministry for the cost of shipping.  These not only outline the plan of salvation but encourage new believers to join a Bible Study.  There is an area large enough to put your contact information or attach a card.

The leadership of Fellowship Riders is committed to partnering with your ministries by providing tools and assistance to further the Kingdom of Almighty God and the message of salvation found only in Christ Jesus.  Should you have suggestions how we might improve our support of your ministry, please share them with us.

It is my prayer that the overflowing of God's favor be manifest in your ministry in all of 2013 and beyond in Jesus' mighty name.

Ron Kidwell, President

Fellowship Riders, Inc.

(241) 995-4346

Fellowship Rider Flags
(White on Black or Black on White)


flagblk-200.jpgflagwht-200.jpgLg White Flag 11"x15" : $15.00 + shipping

Lg Black Flag 11"x15" : $15.00 + shipping

Sm White Flag 6"x9" : $10.00 + shipping

Sm Black Flag 6"x9" : $10.00 + shipping

H-D style mast and Sissy-Bar style mast : $5.00 ea. + shipping


fr-headbuff-200.jpgAlso now available!

Official Fellowship Riders HeadBuffs!
$10.00 plus shipping


To order from the additional patch selection, Click on the "Read more".