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Fellowship Riders Inc

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Christian Motorcycle Ministries - Start A Rumble In Your Church
Our mission is to share the love of Christian fellowship, motorcycles and the local church through safety, excellence and service. We work with and through the local church to provide opportunities for Christian fellowship through frequent, safe, and well-organized group motorcycle rides.
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"Keeping it Simple"

Homeward Calling Ministry, Charles Town, WV


Good friends, open roads, a beautiful sunny day and the joy of serving Jesus Christ while riding a motorcycle...does it get any better than this, short of heaven?

What a blessed year Homeward Calling Ministry (HWC) has had!  We are a Home Church Ministry located in Charles Town, WV.  The first thing you might ask is, "what is a home church and what is it all about."  Here is a basic explanation.

HWC follows a “simple” or “home” church design.  We believe this to be in accordance with the New Testament in that it is a group of believers in Christ worshiping in a setting that is not encumbered by structure, buildings, or salaries.  Rather, its primary focus is to serve Christ and meeting the needs of the individuals involved.  This design is purposefully used in accordance with Scripture and affords the group the ability to meet wherever people choose to gather; in homes, workplaces, businesses, outside, etc.  HWC believes and intends to bring the “church” wherever it gathers and wherever it goes.  Multiplication of this ministry is seen as a calling from the Holy Spirit and is expected. It has been and will be the aim of HWC to spread the good news of Jesus Christ, the only assurance of eternal salvation.  With God’s leading, we will minister to individuals in need of financial and spiritual assistance.  Membership in the traditional understanding of the word will not occur at HWC through classes or pledge.  One must freely and willingly accept the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and be baptized in fulfillment of Scripture to be recognized as a “member” of Christ’s family.  No further scriptural requirement is recognized by this body and we invite all to attend our gatherings.  We follow only the Bible, God’s inspired Word, for teaching, worship, and life instruction.  Christ is our “Pastor” and “Shepherd, and we are His servants.  Won't you come and join us?!

Let us now tell you about some of the things that “get our motors running!”  We are so very excited about the ministry opportunities that God is bringing before us!  We were able to participate as a group in support of Angel Tree during past Christmas seasons as well as care and provide for families in our area.  What a blessing it was to bring the Gospel message to the families of inmates and to sit, pray and give thanks with them.  We live in a world that is hurting and longing for answers and we are convinced that the truth and reality of Jesus Christ is the only Way for real joy and happiness in this life and the life to come.  We were able to minister to several families and with God's leading will continue to reach out to them throughout the year.

keepitsimple2.jpgHomeward Calling Ministry and its local Chapter of Homeward Messengers have an ongoing ministry of outreach and encouragement to the local area and beyond.  This ministry focuses on sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all that will listen, often time going into local, traditional church gatherings and offering a message of encouragement, hope, and everlasting life through Jesus Christ.  During the worship service, the ministry of Fellowship Riders is always shared, with an invite to all to come and ride with us and share the Gospel on the open road.  HWC and the Messenger Group also provide nutritious food items to those who are in need in our local area.  Through a ‘simple church’ design, God has allowed HWC to bless a local County-Wide food shelf abundantly with nutritious food items.  The outreach to the participating families has been wonderful and Christ continues to bless. 

On a final note, HWC's Messenger Group is now waiting for a bit warmer, drier weather so that its members can take to the highways and byways of WV and the surrounding area sharing the love of Christ with all that will listen.  This is such an exciting ministry and one that is free to travel whenever and wherever it is led to go.  The opportunities are endless and we pray each day for Christ to bring opportunity for HWC members to share  His love and hope.

Akeepitsimple3.jpggain I ask, "Won't you join us?"

Blessings to you all,

John Allen
Lead Elder,
Homeward Calling Ministry

Eddie Householder
Homeward Messengers FRG
Visit, follow, or join us @


Fellowship Riders - A New Distributor of Bugslide



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Batches Of Patches

 Reflective Vest Patches - New for 2013 is a large reflective vest patch (see attached).  There have been several requests over the years to provide an embroidered patch in lieu of the "carpet" patch.  For cost reasons, we were never able to offer an embroidered patch until locating a volume supplier.  These new patches are now in stock at a price of $35 plus shipping. (Click on image for larger size) 

 Cook-Off Special - A Fellowship Riders apron and cookbook package is now available on our eStore for the many world-class chefs among us riders.  As the saying goes "Ride. Eat. Repeat".  Available in 2 styles and 3 colors, here is your opportunity to add Fellowship Riders style to your cuisine. (Click on image for larger size)




 I Am Second Xtreme Tracts - See attached tracts for you to use in your ministry for the cost of shipping.  These not only outline the plan of salvation but encourage new believers to join a Bible Study.  There is an area large enough to put your contact information or attach a card.

The leadership of Fellowship Riders is committed to partnering with your ministries by providing tools and assistance to further the Kingdom of Almighty God and the message of salvation found only in Christ Jesus.  Should you have suggestions how we might improve our support of your ministry, please share them with us.

It is my prayer that the overflowing of God's favor be manifest in your ministry in all of 2013 and beyond in Jesus' mighty name.

Ron Kidwell, President

Fellowship Riders, Inc.

(241) 995-4346

Fellowship Rider Flags
(White on Black or Black on White)


flagblk-200.jpgflagwht-200.jpgLg Flag 11"x15" : $15.00 + shipping

Sm Flag 6"x9" : $10.00 + shipping

  H-D style mast and Sissy-Bar style mast : $5.00 ea. + shipping


fr-headbuff-200.jpgAlso now available!

Official Fellowship Riders HeadBuffs!

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