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Draw Near…

Isaiah 34:1 Draw near, O nations, to hear, and give attention, O peoples! Let the earth hear, and all that fills it; the world, and all that comes from it.

Since May 12 of 2017 when I received the first email from Pastor Jared Osongo requesting his church become an affiliate ministry of Fellowship Riders, the Lord has moved quickly to call other 3 other pastors to focus on sharing the Gospel with the rider community in Kenya, the Boda Boda. In the past 11 months, we have seen and heard testimonies of salvation, healings, and deliverance among this group of people often overlooked or viewed with suspicion and fear as they are a rough group, often engaged in criminal activity. But God…

God has a different plan for the Boda Boda. He sees these, who need His salvation and freedom from the bondage of sin, as an army He can equip with His righteousness to go throughout their land taking the Good News of Jesus.

By providing PA systems to the 4 pastors working among the Boda Boda, it will be possible to expand the reach of these ministries into the community. Our 2nd PA system was purchased last week for Pastor Samuel Mbuchi in Nakuru and he is planning his first crusade soon.

While Pastor Samuel was purchasing his PA system, Pastor Joseph; himself a Boda Boda and Elder at Alleluiah Sanctuary of Praise in Kamukuywa Township; was leading a crusade in Namawanga Township using the PA system from the church. As a large number of Boda Boda and others gathered, the local police chief, fearing a disturbance “alighted from his car” to find the Boda Boda preaching the Gospel. This was such a spectacle that individuals and public transportation vehicles would stop to take pictures and to be a part of what the Lord was doing. There are reports that as many as 89 people received salvation in Jesus.

Much has been accomplished by the hand of the Lord and His Holy Spirit among the Boda Boda. As this work continues, we prayerfully ask you consider supporting these pastors with prayer and donations as we still need PA systems, tents, and chairs to expand the work of the Kingdom of God.




Make a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord…

By the Lord’s provision through those He has called to partner in the work He is doing through our ministries to the Boda Boda in Kenya, we were able to send funds to Pastor Jared Osongo in Kisii town on Saturday, March 10, 2018 for the purchase of our first PA system. This is a significant next step in equipping these pastors in our 4 ministries across Kenya to take the Gospel to all nations.

I do not know firsthand the excitement they may have felt, but I do know how excited I am to see and to know that we are investing in a harvest of souls, with a far greater return than we could ever achieve on Wall Street.

Pastor Jared said he received the money early Saturday morning and immediately went to the local store to get what was needed for their church services, Boda Boda rallies, and community crusades. Since much of Kenya still does not have electricity in their homes, a generator is needed to power the system.

In Pastor Jared’s own words “Today we used the PA system in our church service. Indeed church service today was so touching and moved. May the Lord bless you all abundantly. This PA system will assist us much during our motorcycles Riders rally, crusades, church services and other meetings of expanding God’s word. I say thanks and may the Lord open all the heavenly blessings for all our Riders here in Kenya to get the PA system.”

Our goal is to soon provide PA systems to the remaining ministries in Nakuru, Nyamira, and Bungoma. On hearing of our first PA system purchase, a dear friend of this ministry with a heart for the Kingdom of God, called saying she was sending $1,000.00 to help with the 2nd system.

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These ministries were clearly called into existence by the Lord as they are not the result of planning or any thought we, the leadership of Fellowship Riders, had ever imagined. They are an open door for the Gospel to a group of people who are not respected or valued in their society, the Boda Boda.


Come join with what the Lord has begun by donating for the next PA system, and the next, and the next…

1st Kenyan Fellowship Riders Leadership Conference

1st Kenyan Fellowship Riders Leadership Conference – Nakuru, Kenya:  Psalm 90:17 Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands!

The Lord has brought our 4th ministry in Bungoma County and, together with the priceless assistance of Pastor Michael Kisabuli Masambu in less than a week, organized the 1st Kenyan Fellowship Riders Leadership Conference.

Pastors and leaders of our 4 ministries to the Boda Boda convened Monday morning, Feb. 12 at 7:30AM after those from Bungoma had departed at 12:00AM that morning, others from Nyamira and Kisii at 2:30AM, Pastor Michael from Kimilli, and the host ministry in Nakuru had arrived at the hotel. With a full day of fellowship, teaching, prayer, and planning, the day filled with the Spirit of the Living God concluded around 9PM.

Led by Pastor Michael, these 28 leaders reviewed the God-breathed vision leading to the founding of Fellowship Riders, Code of Conduct, evangelism methods, developed organization and planning goals, and heard from the Scripture concerning their living a life that honors Jesus as Lord, separating themselves from the culture of lawlessness and darkness around them, reflecting the Light of Jesus at all times.

The Boda Boda do not have a good reputation, are often very poor, have sometimes organized into gangs dealing in drugs and prostitution, are increasingly engaged in political violence, and have in some ways become “lepers” to the community. But it is these whom the Lord has chosen to do “a new thing”.  Because of their movement throughout wide areas, they are “clay in the Potter’s hand” to be made into a vehicle for the spread of the Good News of salvation through all the land. Continue reading

Good Soil

Good SoilGOOD SOIL — Matthew 13:8Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop—a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown. 9 Whoever has ears, let them hear.”

The reports from our 3 pastors in Kenya; Pastor Jared in Kisii, Pastor Samuel in Nakuru, and Pastor Davis in Nyamira; are humbling and astounding.  These dear pastors are continually telling of the move of the Holy Spirit among their Boda Boda and among the entire community as they have focused on taking the Gospel to this group of people.

Good Soil 2To help create an identity among the Boda Boda who have accepted the Lord as their savior and to encourage them in the Lord, we recently sent 35 t-shirts and caps, split among each ministry.  Although not nearly enough for every rider, it is our hope that through the help of all who want to share in this ministry, we will soon be able to send enough for all. 

“Riders were so excited when I showed them the t-shirts and they hope they will use them in the coming rally”… Pastor Jared.

We ask you pray often for these and that you will contribute to this work of the Lord by making a tax-deductible donation to support the spread of the Gospel in Kenya by clicking on the Donate button.  It is our hope that these ministries, who have so little, will “lack for no good thing” and that the Gospel not be restrained for financial reasons.  You, your church, your family, your Bible Study, and your employer can help.

By your giving, you will have a part in the testimonies of these you have touched halfway around the world for the cause of Christ.

Kenya On Fire for the Lord!!!

Rejoice! Again I say, Rejoice!  In the months since May 2017 when first asked by Pastor Jared Omweri if Rigena Christian Church could become a Fellowship Riders affiliate, the Lord has been moving quickly and powerfully among the riders in Nyamarambe.  The riders, using their motorcycles to carry passengers and cargo, gather in “stations” where people can hire them.  It is these stations where Pastor Jared has been meeting riders and inviting them to the rallies (group rides) and Bible Studies he is conducting.

After the 1st rally, several riders asked for Bibles in their language of Kisii, which we were able to provide (riders following along with Pastor Jared in their new Bibles), but more are needed as this ministry is growing rapidly.

Pastor Jared recently reported that at the next rally, his initial group of 8 riders joined with another station for a total of 20 riders participating, and that 3 riders accepted Jesus as Savior.  Two other stations have heard of the rallies and have asked Pastor Jared to come preach to them and for them to be included in future rallies.

The first Bible Study for the Boda Boda, with the expectation that only 20 riders would be attending, brought out many of the village people as well as ½ the membership of Rigena Christian Church “with many accepting salvation in Jesus’ Name.”  Praise you, Jesus, for You are the Lord of the Harvest.

In his most recent email, Pastor Jared shared that another pastor, living in a village 250Km away, had heard of the work among the Boda Boda and he wants to start a ministry in his church.  We will be praying and seeking the Lord’s confirmation for this newest request for another ministry in Kenya.

Adding Praise! on top of Praise!, Pastor Samuel Mbuchi has just received his Starter Kit of Riders Tool Kit, caps, decals, Bike Blessing stickers, and flags.  Pastor Samuel has already been working among the Boda Boda in Nakuru, 3rd largest city in Kenya, and had been anxiously waiting for his materials to arrive.  Together, we are praying for the Spirit of the Lord to go before him, to fill his mouth with His words, and for the Kingdom of God to be released in Nakuru.

Fellowship Riders humbly asks you join us in praying for this work of the Kingdom and to consider partnering with what the Lord is doing through these He has called to go to the Boda Boda with the Gospel of salvation by donating at

Lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest…

liftUpYourEyes-1Seeing with “spiritual eyes”, Rigena Christian Church sponsored its first group ride for the “Boda Boda”; riders who use their motorcycles to transport passengers and cargo; this past Saturday, September 2.  They rode a distance of 50Km and enjoyed a time of fellowship, teaching, and dining together. 

Pastor Jared has said that they have 3 more riders who have asked to be included in the next “rally” and the church will be conducting a Bible Study for riders every other Saturday with a ride on alternating Saturdays along with a Youth Camp in December that will include activities for riders in this community-wide event.

liftUpYourEyes-2From this first gathering, Pastor Jared said that the riders had requested Bibles in Kisii, their native language, as none of them owned their own Bibles.  We will be sending money to purchase Bibles in Kisii town, the nearest large city, at a cost of $13.00 each. 

Pastor Jared has also asked we send more Fellowship Riders patches, caps, flags, decals, Bike Blessing stickers, and any other materials to help bless these who come and to create a community of riders “Powered by Christ”.  How refreshing and exciting it is to see how the Lord is moving among these, our new Brothers and Sisters. 

liftUpYourEyes-3As a friend from Nigeria said, “It is hard to pray and fast in America.  In Nigeria, not so much.”  

For these whom the Lord has put in our path with little in worldly possessions, yet rich in the things of God, please consider blessing them by clicking Donate Online.  One definition of blessing is “God’s provision that allows or helps you do something”. 

Let’s buy stock in the Kingdom of Heaven by investing in things Eternal.

Rejoice – Shipment Received

After many prayers and more than a few anxious days, our package of materials has arrived in Nyamarambe, Kenya for our first African Fellowship Riders affiliate, Rigena Christian Church. 

As we knew from the beginning, owning a motorcycle in Kenya is not like owning a motorcycle in America.  These differences are mainly economic as motorcycles in many other countries are used for primary transportation as well as business; whereas the majority of riders in America own a motorcycle for recreational riding. 

For this reason, we were concerned how well our Riders Tool Kit and other materials would adapt to this new culture of riders and have been supplementing that information with how to sponsor a Bike Blessing and other rider events such as a “Slow Race” to engage riders.  Having rides to restaurants or points of interest are virtually impossible due to cost of petrol and food, so we are working to assist with activities that would appeal to riders while not placing a financial burden on them or the church.

Pastor Jared, a former rider now saving to purchase his own bike, heard the Lord’s call to develop a ministry focused on this group and he has reported that “several of our members are anxiously waiting to begin engaging riders in our community” for the cause of Christ as they review the Riders Tool Kit, ministry best-practices, MSF Guide to Group Riding, patches, Biker Blessing Stickers, and other materials.  In the most recent news, Pastor Jared said “Glory to God!  I have received now five riders who are willing to join our teaching and preaching to spread God’s word in the whole world through motorcycles.”

How true are the words of the Apostle Paul when he said in 1 Corinthians 12:13 “For in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, slave or free, and we were all given one Spirit to drink.”

For anyone wishing to partner with us in supporting this work of the Kingdom, you may donate by clicking Donate Online as we join with what the Lord is doing in Nyamarambe, Kenya.

Kendall County Cowboy Church – Fellowship Riders of the Hill Country

As the Lord leads us along His path, sometimes He calls us to leave where we are and to find where He wants us to put down new roots.  We all know from our own life experiences, that some things are for but a season where others are for a lifetime.  That is the path followed by Darran Markham and wife April as they led the Fellowship Riders of the Hill Country ministry.  In seeking the Lord’s direction, they have now relocated that ministry to Boerne, Texas and the Kendall County Cowboy Church. 


To welcome this new ministry, and to introduce it to the membership, Darran presented Pastor Steve Gross, also a “rider of motorcycles” and rider of the equine variety, with his own Fellowship Riders vest.

It is with our prayers that we affirm this new ministry as our newest affiliate in the Great State of Texas and look forward to what the Lord has in mind for this ministry as they will be blending in some “iron horses” with their roping horses – all for the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Rigena Christian Church, Kissii, Kenya

Rigena CertificateAs the weeks have passed since the official welcoming of Rigena Christian Church into the Fellowship Riders family, there have been a number of email communications as well as the gathering of materials and start-up items to be shipped to our most distant ministry, Nyamarambe, Kisii, Kenya.

Rigena PackageThis package; filled with many prayers, our Riders Tool Kit, and everything from bike flags to decals; is now in transit and was last tracked aboard a plane bound for Kenya. 

It is our hope that, like the reflective trim around these caps, the Shekinah glory of Almighty God will break forth when that package is opened, that the spirit of brotherhood and encouragement overflow that carton, and that every item strengthen and enlarge the Kingdom of the Most High God in Christ Jesus.

Rigena Christian Church

New Affiliate – Rigena Christian Church, Kissii, Kenya

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a church in Kenya who wished to become an affiliate of Fellowship Riders. Having received emails from Africa and other nations requesting financial or other assistance, I was skeptical and a little reluctant to respond; fully Rigena Christian Church, Kissii, Kenyaexpecting the usual motivation for contacting Fellowship Riders.

In reading that first email there was no request for money, just a simple message asking if they could partner with Fellowship Riders in starting a motorcycle ministry. With a measure of caution, I asked more about the church and questioned whether our materials provided to our ministries in the U.S. would be of value in their culture and language. The reply I got from Pastor Jared Omweri was that they are a small church in Kenya with only 38 members and no motorcycles, but they wanted to establish a relationship with us and together to take the Gospel to the ends of the Earth.

Now how could we not immediately shout praises to Almighty God for His connecting our hearts as Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus, for we are of the same Baptism and same Spirit!!!

Rigena Christian Church, Kissii, KenyaAs we continued to exchange emails and to share the heart of the Father, the Board of Directors of Fellowship Riders unanimously approved Rigena Christian Church as an honorary affiliate with all rights and privileges afforded our ministries.

In working with other ministries outside the U.S., there can be a concern for the safety of individuals or churches and it is with the permission and agreement of Pastor Jared that this information is being shared. Please know that even now, Satan desires to destroy all the works of the Kingdom of God and we need to pray diligently for these and Christians everywhere.

Rigena Christian Church, Kissii, KenyaWe are now gathering a “Starter Kit” of our Riders Tool Kit, patches, decals, flags, and other Fellowship Riders materials to be sent to our newest affiliate as they join with all the other Fellowship Riders affiliates in going into our communities “Powered by Christ”.

Please join with the leadership of Fellowship Riders in welcoming our newest affiliate, Rigena Christian Church, in Kissii, Kenya as they begin the work of following the Lord’s call to start a motorcycle ministry and “take the Gospel to the ends of the Earth.”