Hello to all Fellowship Riders from your new affiliate in St. Johns, Florida

fultonWhat an absolutely awesome job God has done here in Northern Florida.Our ministry has been in existence for only a month and we are on the move ‘creating that rumble’ at our church. I started this ministry with an open mind and an open heart to let God direct every move in this ministry. I received my start up kit and 2 weeks later, we had our first ride. I only had talked to two other people and only one was actually interested at that time, so my plan was to have a ride with myself and one other person. I felt that if God wanted more people to be there, He would make that happen!

During two Sundays between the start up kit and the ride, God placed two families at the church that were looking for a good church to attend. Little did I know they were all riders and knew other riders that would like to come and participate. We had our ride and had 12 bikes and 2 riders. What an awesome way to start! We had a wonderful time traveling along the Atlantic Ocean and beach for almost 50 miles, then crossing over to the St. Johns River and coming back along the river. God has done some wonderful and beautiful thing son this route.

Our next ride is scheduled for this weekend and I expect even more people. I know of an additional two families that have come to the church, are also riders, and have said they will be coming.

For anyone in doubt, just let go and let God. He will make it happen. I am reminded of the quote in the movie ‘Field of Dreams’: If you build it, they will come. The same is true in this ministry, we are building it, and they will come!


First Coast Fellowship Riders
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